More than two years ago, when the New Jersey Nets dealt long-time fan favorite and aging star Jason Kidd to the Dallas Mavericks, acquiring Devin Harris in return, many didn't know what to think of the trade.

Some disgruntled Nets fans were understandably upset with the fact that the man who paved the way for basketball in New Jersey was shipped off seemingly easily, after reports of him washing up on the shores of Los Angelos died off the season before.

Obviously, there were those who were rather happy to see the Nets moving in the right direction, attempting, at the very least, to rebuild by getting younger and removing Kidd from the roster.

Now, however, nearly two full seasons removed from Dallas, it's time for Harris to step into a role that he has been excpected to be playing for quite sometime--the go-to guy.

In both of the past two seasons, the point guard in New Jersey has seen signficant time on the bench in street clothes due to injuries. In 2010, New Jersey is expecting Harris to be everything--and more--of what Kidd was during those late-postseason runs the Nets made in 2002 and 2003.

And why not? In fact, at this time and age, Harris possesses many more skills at his disposal, not to mention shear athleticism, that Kidd has as a young player in the NBA.

With that said, there are some rather similarities between the two point-men. Has anyone noticed their ability and willingess to run the floor rather than to settle for the slow-paced, half-court set-ups. Also, they both seem to be better dishers than scorers, although Harris does have a much better touch on his jump-shot than Kidd did.

Oh, and of course, who could forget, that at a young age, they were both dealt from Dallas to New Jersey.

Maybe the similarities in styles and history should translate over to success on the court as well.