After about a week of serious trade talks that would land current Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony in New Jersey, with the Nets dishing out Derrick Favors and Devin Harris in a four-team deal, the Nets officially told the Nuggets they're sick of waiting.

On Saturday, the trade seemed imminent, and sources were reporting that it was virtually a done deal.

Through Sunday, the Nuggets were reportedly getting cold feet on the deal, and wanted to see other options Anthony would provide for them.

On Monday, Anthony arrived at camp for media day where he insisted he never said he wanted to be traded.

After that, it seemed as if New Jersey had heard enough--and thank god they did. The last thing a team like them needed was to get dragged through the mud and spit out less than a month before the regular season begins.

Reports say the Nets may reconstruct the deal to be more in the favor of Denver, but as of now, the Nets are out of connection with the Nuggets, and rightfully so.

New Jersey did an impressive job of displaying their pride and proving they aren't desperate for a player like 'Melo along with stating that they are condient in their team--a positive for Nets fans.

Stay turned over the next few days to see if the Nets remain active in the market, but if not, expect big things from players like Favors and Harris, who will now have to earn their jobs.

The way I see it, that shouldn't be a problem for either of them.