The New Jersey Nets, as of right now, have a basketball team that, on paper, could potentially be one of the best in the division, conference, and maybe league.

Unfortunatley, that was the cae last year, but the Nets simply didn't perform.

Honestly, after starting 0-18, who would want to perform?

As if that wasn't enough to make the few Jersey faithful not look forward to the coming years of the franchise, New Jersey fell to the third pick in the lottery, despite having the worst record, and missed out on a chance to sign LeBron James in the most publicy-available "sign-and-win" deal in NBA history.

Well, to give the organization some credit, they didn't give up. All summer the Nets were mentioned in possible signings and trades, in an attempt to lure big-time players and scorers into the Garden State, such as James, Carlos Boozer, Chris Paul, and most recently and likely, Carmelo Anthony.

Don't get me wrong, as of now, all Nets fans have to be pleased with the way everything is being handled after the team won a mere 12 games last year.

But now, as teams begin to break camp, it's time for New Jersey to take a step back, and play with who they have because they have a chance to be good.

With young stars like Harris and Lopez, and very young talent in Favors and Murphy, why risk any of that, as well as giving fans false hope that someone with Anthony's stature would actually want to come to Jersey.

I mean, the Prudential Center is a great place, but I wouldn't move my family to win 12 games.

Furthermore, as we learned last year, Devin Harris doesn't take too much liking to rumors that he'll be moved. If the guy wants to play for the Nets, why trade him? He's one of the few.

At this point, the Nets need to be confident in who will be suiting up when the pre-season starts and the season at the end of next month.

With the players that they have, a Carmelo Anthony-type figure is just what they don't need.

Besides, there's nothing better than succeeding with a team full of 'nobodies'.

Well, they certainly aren't nobodies to us, and soon, they won't be to the league either.