The New Jersey Nets (6-13) may be seven games under .500, but, after all, they are six games better than last season.

After setting a record with the worst start in NBA history at 0-18 last season, technicially, New Jersey has made an improvement.

Still, with the way some games have gone, the Nets could've potentially been looking at a near .500 record in the 2010 campaign thus far.

On the bright side of things, the Nets have four players who are averaging doubel figures in terms of points thus far. Brook Lopez and Devin Harris, as expected are at the top, both averaging almost 20 points a night.

Travis Outlaw and Anthony Morrow have been pleaseant suprises for a team that will have a shot to make the playoffs, hopefully, come April.

Jordan Farmar has been a great asset off the bench for New Jersey. He's averaging 9.6 points-per-game and nearly made a game winning three at the end of the second overtime in last night's triple overtime loss at the hands of the Thunder.

With the change of the arena, coach, and owner, the Nets seemed to have a rejuvenated surge under their belt as they meet December. Despite a couple heart-breaking losses so far, they seem ready to meet whatever challenges plan to be in their path the rest of the way.

For the first time in years, the Nets appear to be extremely deep along the bench, with players like Kris Humphries (7.7 PPG) and Derrick Favors (6.5 PPG) at their disposal.

As some fans might be disappointed with the way the Devils season has begun, most won't complain with the attitude and aura surrounding the team this year.

Besides, it can't hurt that the Nets are sharing an arena with a team who has made the playoffs for 12 straight seasons, right?