Recently, all the talk around the NBA, with more than a month until the regular season begins, is about current Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony.

An abundance of teams have been mentioned in where he may or may not be traded, and over the past couple of days, the New Jersey Nets have been listed as a frontrunner.

The question is, however, what really is there on the Nets roster that puts them ahead of the pack? You can look at first-round draft pick, Derrick Favors, but reports now shoot down the rumor that he may have been moved--good move. New Jersey won't like to move Favors, seeing as they haven't had a dominant power forward since Kenyon Martin left nearly six years ago.

They can also move second-year swingman Terrance Williams, who might be attractive due to his flashy ball-skills and his occasional ability to put the ball in the hoop. Troy Murphy and Kirk Humphries could also be moved, but I would think the Nets would like to hang on to them because of their youth and ability to rejuvenate a franchise that has been driven to the dirt in recent years.

After looking up-and-down the Nets roster, one would have to question whether or not its worth moving any of these players for Anthony. Certainly, the acquisition of a star like him would bring in fans, promotions and give New Jersey credentials.

After that however, when the Nets start to lose games, which will be expected from a rebuilding franchise, will New Jersey want to put up with the complaining Anthony, who wants to be on a winning team.

Oh, and by the way, Melo' said his number one team that he wants to get traded to is across the Hudson River over to New York with the Knicks--not to mention the Nets top rival. That doesn't help much either.

The way I see it, there's no point at trading away young talent for a guy who is going to cause problems in the locker room when this team isn't the best after two weeks. Let him go to New York and join the egotistical society that livens up the Garden everynight.

On this team, everyone sees the leader as Devin Harris. Give him and Lopez their key roles, and everything else should fall into place.

Without Carmelo Anthony, the Nets will be better than last year and better than they would be with him.