As if bailing on your hometown isn't enough, along joining forces with other proven all-stars to actually win a championship in the NBA, you'd think LeBron James would be happy to just play basketball on a talented team.


The man who turned his free-agency signing into a joke by making an ESPN special about it decided to make news in the papers, saying that the NBA would be better off if teams like the Nets and T'Wolves were taken out of the league so that the players could become free agents.

While James did try to defend his case the next day, stating that he was simply saying the NBA was competetive in the 80's, that it's watered down now, and players like Devin Harris and Brook Lopez would be dominant on a talented team, there's no questioning what he meant.

Hold the phone there, superstar.

Aren't you the guy that gave up on the city that you grew up in, just so you could go ahead and try to win a championship, with the help of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh?

Aren't you the guy that made a team that was struggling a constant playoff contender for a number of years, before you decided that you weren't good enough to bring your own city a ring?

Mr. James, just because you didn't have enough heart or honor to bring your team to the finals, you have no right to rip teams that are in the rebuilding process, with players who want to win.

It's not the Nets fault that Harris and Lopez are team players, and love the team they are playing for, is it? No one said you're way is the right way.

In fact, ask America. They'll tell you it's the wrong way.

So you go ahead, King. Try to instruct how you plan on fixing the NBA. In the meantime, the Nets and Timberwolves will be working towards making themselves better as a team.

If you need some help or advice with that, I'm sure Michael Jordan will be there for you.

Oh wait, nevermind. He made the NBA what it is now, by hard work.