Despite not even having 10 wins on the season, the New Jersey Nets are hanging around.

With a record of 9-21, the Nets, who are second-to-last in the East, are just four games behind the Miluakee Bucks for that final, heavily coveted, eighth spot in the conference.

Certainly, yes, it is very early to look at a possible playoff hunt, but as teams are beginning to establish themselves as a power across the league, its time for the Nets to make their own run -- possibly for a playoff push, as well.

Number-wise, New Jersey is playing almost as predicted. With Brook Lopez and Devin Harris, averaging 19.2 and 16.9 points-per-game, respectivley, they have proven to be the leaders for a young Nets' team which is lurking at 2011.

Other than those two, Anthony Morrow and Sasha Vujacic have provided double-figure numbers off the bench as well.

Tonight, the Nets will play host to the Magic in the wake of the entire state on New Jersey being plastered with a snow storm, and perhaps, the Nets can create a snow storm of their own and make a run towards the playoffs.

Or at least eighth place.

Still, they really shouldn't be looking ahead just yet. Taking the season one game at a time isn't too much to ask for, especiallay with first-year coach Avery Johnson at the reins.

Who knows, over time, this team just may be able to fly under the radar and make things happen.

Who knows. As much as we know, this Nets team could very well be playoff-bound this spring.